Sunday, November 9, 2014


Last month was indeed jam packed with exciting news. On top of the list was that UP Cebu won first place at the Green Fashion Revolution. Another one is this: getting featured in "The Philippines #1 Teen Magazine", Candy Magazine! I know anyone who sends a good enough entry can be featured, but it's just too exciting not to share. This is my first time seeing my name on a magazine for something I really put effort into (I get to read my name in Total Girl's birthday section before). 
3-4 months back, I sent a photo and video link of my laptop decal DIY to Candy Magazine and I wasn't really expecting to get anything out of it. A week after I emailed them, I actually forgot I did. I had to check my 'sent items' list when Plinky Corbilla informed me about it cause I really couldn't remember emailing them. Haha.
It may seem small, but little thing count right! Cheers to many more to come :D

Here's the video of me DIYing away! Teehee!

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