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UP Cebu Design Team For Green Fashion Revolution 2014

I know I've still got a load of back logs but this is a 'first' I'm too excited to share so bahala na yung iba. Makakahintay sila. Haha. And since this is a lengthy post, I'll give you the whole collection of UP Cebu first (cause I'm guessing some people might get lazy to click on "Read More").
Last year, the University of the Philippines - Cebu first joined the Green Fashion Revolution and got 4th place out of 7 schools. I'd say that it was a good start. Back then, joining the contest was considered a plate for 2nd and 3rd year Product Design students. But since this year, non of the Fine Arts professors wanted to make it a plate, the interested students initiated that the university would join the competition again this year. 
Our collection is entitled HABI. Obviously, it's called Habi because we weaved the tarpaulins in different patterns and sew them together with denim, flour sacks and etc. We used more tarp, paper beads and pop tabs for the accessories.
I'm so happy and proud to say that UP Cebu won first place this year! We also won Best Clothing Design.
Without further ado, let me present to you the University of the Philippines Cebu Habi Collection for the Green Fashion Revolution 2014 competition. 
Designed by: Manuel Jamio
Model: Ilene DeVera
(I really think she looks like Divine Lee that night)

Designed by: Van Oscar
Model: Alex Durog

Designed by: Manuel Jamio
Model: Fritzy Yanez

Designed by Giovanni Valle
Model: Miguel Del Rosario

Designed by: Manuel Jamio
Model: Michelle Ruaya
(Wait til you see how back-less this design is)

Designed by: Van Oscar
Model: Wyndel Sanoza
(I really think the man skirt was cool)

Designed by: Van Oscar
Model: Ayre Caindec

Designed by: Van Oscar
Model: Faith Guzman

Designed by: Lira Cadorna
Model: Julienne Penserga

Designed by: Manuel Jamio
Model: Clarissa Liporada

There's more pics so CLICK ME and read on!

Only 4 schools competed this year. Here are the rest of the schools who joined:

Designs from the Cebu Institute of Technology University
CIT-U won First Runner Up and Best Accessories Design

Designs from Cebu Normal University

Designs from the University of San Carlos
USC won 2nd Runner Up, Best Bag Design and Best Shoe Design

More photos

To wrap it all up, I'd say this experience was totally a blast. From weeks and weeks of weaving, cutting tiny strips, getting allergies from the dusty tarps, late nights at Room 217, (creepy) Undergrad building, cramming stitches, meeting new people and so on, to the day that we would finally see the models walk "the walk", and UP Cebu bringing home the bacon. This is a "first" I'd be proud to share with anyone.
Cheers to more years of designing!

Photos from Ryan Seismundo and Kriss Milan


VEGA ULALA said...

good job UP

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So proud of you, Lirs!! This is one of your dreams!!! xoxo Zai <3

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Thank you Vega :)

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Thanks Zai! Wish you were here <3