Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The second post of the fashion design series I’m sharing.

Never would I have ever imagined that I would be designing, let alone hand sewing, a beaded blouse and skirt for a MATH class. I have been avoiding math classes my whole college life despite being a mathematics fan all my life. I don’t know but it just sounds so much scarier now that I’m at a university already. Thankfully, the only math class available to fine arts students was Math 1, the easiest, most elementary-feeling math class I’ve ever had in 7 years. Anyway, our final project was called “Math Everywhere” or so I think, I don’t even remember anymore. The idea was to present some other field that involved mathematics like a sport, a board game, or whatever. So of course, I had to go with math in fashion design! I’m not going to bore you with the details on how math is involved because 1) you’ll leave me forever and 2) it requires visuals.

About my design, I went for something simple that I could pull off sewing by hand while I was still working on 4 other plates. I decided I would make a prom inspired ensemble with a two-piece style. I bought a cropped top in the cut and color that I wanted then bought some fabric and beads that would make up my beadwork design. The floral design is actually part of the “math” so I had to carefully measure, cut, and seal the edges of all 100 flowers, then attach them with a pearl bead to make a clean finish. I then hand sewed a circle skirt (because there’s math in it too) with a belt in a different colored fabric to make the two-piece style become more visible.

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Photo editing by Jose Divinagracia III

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