Friday, January 20, 2017


I’ve seen Liz Uy do this layering style a bunch of times now so when I tried to cop it, I decided to point out in my caption that I was Liz Uy-ing (verb. a method of copying the unique styling tricks of Liz Uy.) Lately, I’ve also spotted this blouse layering tactic on clothes sold online but the trouble is both blouses come together, and you can’t take them apart. I hate buying clothes I can’t style multiple times so what did I do when I desperately wanted to try this off shouldered polo over another blouse trend? Whip out (again and again and again) my dad’s old long sleeved white polo that’s too big for my frame but just the right size to do the trick.

It might look super complicated but I’m telling you, it’s really not that hard. You just start by putting on an under blouse, then put on your unbuttoned polo and let it fall to your shoulders then start matching those buttons. This style works better tucked in because there’s a huge chunk of the polo that kinda droops at the back. But if you’re wearing a shirtdress polo, then no worries!

Wore mine with skinny jeans and point shoes then decided to pull my hair back in a neatly clipped way a la Liz Uy. Et voila!

Zalora inner top, Sahara polo, Jag pants, Charles and Keith shoes, Longchamp bag