Thursday, January 12, 2017


A few weeks back, I answered this short quiz online that would tell you whether your style is American or French. Guess what? I got ‘French’! Which prompted me a few days later to wear something inspired by things I see on mood boards for a French inspired project but gave it a twist that would fit the streets of Cebu.

One of the things they say that would always be ‘Parisian’ is a Breton shirt. Since the last time I had one was way back in high school, I used my long sleeved striped shirt instead. Good thing it came in maroon, which looks slightly subtle and not at all “loud” for a French girl’s taste. I then paired it with my cream colored straight cut slacks, and wore block mid-heeled sandals to make myself look tall despite the pants making my legs appear like logs. Topped off the look with a handkerchief tied around my neck in a navy blue and white color, a color that always goes well with maroon.

One thing, I had these photos taken on a Sunday afternoon so the streets weren’t busy. But seriously guys, don’t ever try having your photo taken walking on a pedestrian lane on other days. We all know nobody is safe from reckless drivers, even people who stay on pedestrian lanes.

Forever 21 top, Uniqlo pants, Armando Caruso handkerchief, Mendrez shoes, Longchamp bag