Sunday, September 27, 2015


A the song says, "rainy days and Monday's always get me down". But no, I can't say the same. I love rainy days and can't be dragged down by Mondays. Why am I telling you this? Well the day I picked out this ensemble, it was raining cats and dogs outside but I had to run some errands. I was seriously bummed out that day (by how much work had to be done , plus I was carrying my DSLR around because of photography classes, and since I'm not in my hometown, nobody was around to drive me to the places I had to be at, which means I'll get at least a little bit wet by the rain, the inside of my bag would get a little wet because of my umbrella, and all the things I'm bringing around with me will also get wet cause I only have a teeny tiny umbrella) I decided to dress for the mood and the weather. I wore my powder/ silvery blue blouse that mom made, paired it with my navy blue harem pants and brought a black blazer with me to keep me warm. I could've gone for a brighter colored cover up but like I said, I'm dressing for the mood. But in the end, (despite the rain and the mud and all the hassles in life)I chose to wear my white oxfords so I wouldn't look so sad and grungy.

DIY blouse, SM Woman blazer, Forever 21 pants, GH Bass & Co. oxfords

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