Saturday, August 8, 2015


Oh yay! A new blog post from me! It's been so long since I last published a post, I think the photos from my previous entries are in a box full of negatives and Kodak film canisters (If you don't understand this reference, you're probably too young).
Well anyway, now that I'm back in the land of the fast paced internet connections and it's still a day and a few hours before I have to go back to school, I thought I'd make a few drafts for my future posts.

Down to my outfit. The main event of this whole ensemble is this skirt that my mom made. I've been looking for this pattern for ages. So when I finally found it in a textile shop in Iloilo, I knew I had to buy some (and I may have shrieked a little when I saw it). The first thing I thought of as soon as my mom was finished sewing was to pair it with a black top. But when I tried it with this royal blue blouse, it was perfection (quoting Chandler Bing). And what's a nice color to use to top off a white, black and royal blue outfit? Yellow of course! It gives a seemingly gloomy palette a bright touch. Plus I really think a little blue and a little yellow work well together. What do you think?

Forever 21 blouse, Longchamp bag, Fossil watch, Parisian flats

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