Saturday, August 29, 2015


I'm pretty sure you're familiar with the series "A Little Princess" or the character Princess Sara. The show has been remade a million times already, and of course, the Philippines is never left out in remaking TV series (sorry not sorry). So if you've watched a Filipino remake of the series, my outfit would most likely remind you of the show's popular antagonist, Miss Minchin.
I wore this to the Aboitiz Basic Fashion Design Workshop a few weeks back. I chose not-a-color colors (aka black and white) to keep the layering to a neutral tone and just went with the pop of injection by using my bright colored bag. You'd recall that Miss Minchin always wears collared and long sleeved clothes since she is a seminary headmistress. And what better way to top off the headmistress look? By wearing a polished hairstyle, curls, knots and bows included.  

Naturalis blouse, Blanc Noir dress, Longchamp bag, Parisian shoes

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