Monday, August 31, 2015


People like me who adore fashion think it's the best time of the year when it starts raining more often than usual. Yet it's also the worst time for people who commute, just like me. So basically, the rainy days are bittersweet for me since it's the best time to experiment with layering yet the commute is such a pain in the back.
Anyway, I've started layering clothes now (and I won't probably be consistent, just like the weather) and I'm totally loving it! I haven't worn my cover-ups in forever so ladies, this is the time to do so. I chose an all black ensemble, threw in some white shoes to match my blouse's collar and put on my favorite vermilion blazer. The blazer makes the outfit shine despite that I'm basically a black and white stick to begin with. Plus, who says your outfit has to be gloomy like the weather?
Btw, you do not want to wear white shoes in the rainy season unless it's so easy to clean or it's totally closed (mine were so easy to clean but had mesh parts).

And P.S.
I'd really like a pair of stylish rain boots to combat the water flowing down the road when I walk to and from school while it's raining. Teehee.

SM Ladies blazer, People are People blouse, GH Bass and Co. shoes

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