Wednesday, April 29, 2015


To be honest, I couldn't quite answer this question with a concrete and firm statement if you ask me right now. So let's just talk about something else, like my outfit.

This shirt is seriously a gift from the heavens. It's lightweight, it's cotton and it's very very comfy, I wouldn't mind wearing it on a hot day. I think this one came from the unisex section so although it was a size small, I had to tie it at the waist to avoid getting the sloppy, "walang tulog tulog, walang ligo ligo" look. I paired it with my oh so comfortable harem pants and topped everything off with a pair of wedges and some chunky necklaces to give it a pinch of class.

I really don't understand why but when I look at some of my pictures, it makes me feel like I had a cold when they were taken. Is it just me?

Uniqlo shirt, Forever 21 pants and necklace, Parisian wedges


Poisoned Tina said...

Hello lovely! I think I saw you a couple of times na sa Ayala Cebu and I just found out you're a blogger! Wohooo! SO, I nominated you yesterday for the liebster award! If you feel like doing it go visit my blog for the rules and questions! :)

Anonymous said...

You look pretty, Lira. But if you think you look a bit sickly, perhaps put on a little makeup? Just a suggestion :)