Saturday, January 24, 2015


This is one of the outfits I consider "mabait tignan". It's not corporate, not entirely formal, but something you can wear to a smart casual event, forum or for Sunday mass. The highlight of my outfit is clearly my top. If you look closely (or look at my huge face pictures), you'll see that the blouse has an eyelet pattern that gives it a formal look. I paired it with not-so-casual type of pants and a pair of oxfords. Topped it off with some ribbon accessories and I'm good to go.

I really don't know what my resting face looks like to people who aren't my friends. Some of friends say that I look snob-ish at first, and others say I look too nice (in Tagalog terms, "di makabasag pinggan"). I just thought of raising this topic since I spoke of "mabait tignan" a while ago and I was wondering, if you were to judge how I look in all my pictures, would you assume that I'm nice, or a cold hearted (insert desired term here)?

Forever 21 pants, earrings and ribbon rings | GH Bass and Co. shoes

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