Tuesday, July 1, 2014


As far as I can remember, I've always been in love with pretty clothes, mesmerizing prints and fabulous things. I always liked wearing clothes that make me feel like a princess. My mom would always make me wear clothes in combinations she thinks looks best on me and I remember being a fan of my mom's taste in fashion. Though I'm already 16 and I get dressed in a different room from my mom, we still end up wearing similar outfits and get a shock for a few seconds when we see each other after getting ready.
To me, my outfit in these photos resemble what a little girl would wear if she was given a chance to choose her clothes for the day and would make her ates and mom her inspiration. A sleeveless blouse is always present in a girl's closet, plus florals are always a staple for them, circle skirts, because girls love twirling around looking at their clothes that flow with the wind, and a good pair of flats (because when I was younger, wedges weren't really "in" for kids).

Blouse, DIY skirt, Privilege flats, Secosana bag, SM Accessories belt

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Sabina B. said...

Pretty skirt, love the orange color!