Sunday, June 22, 2014


This is what I wore the night we celebrated Father's day at a hotel. They had this all you can eat buffet that Sunday night (they have buffets every Friday night) for Father's day. When we went home, you know, #I'mSoooooooFull. Hahaha.
I'm not entirely sure if my blazer's color is red or a rich pink color. It's color is so different in the pictures and in yellow light. I'm pretty sure it looks red in white light. Oh well. I just played with red since it's the most vibrant color in the pair of shoes I think best fits with this dress-blazer combo I have. I chose to use a pink bag to lighten the tones a bit but I still made sure I kept the pink-red rhythm going. The only rhythm breaker is the dress and belt which it's rhythm breaking I absolutely loved.

SM Ladies blazer, Kitkats dress and belt, Zanea shoes, Secosana bag

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