Friday, June 13, 2014


Our family went on an El Nido trip two weeks back. We wanted it to be short but fun filled so we hit the road around 9:30 pm that Friday with our own car. And let me tell you that you wouldn't, seriously, WOULDN'T like to go on a 6 hour road trip at night. I don't watch horror movies and I'm already freaked out. What more if your imagination is filled with the most horrifying things the human mind has ever created?
Though the trip should only take 6 hours on a normal basis, we reached El Nido after 8 hours of traveling. We had a one hour stop over at Taytay because everyone in the car who could drive was already very sleepy. I was the only person who was awake since my imagination is scaring the heck out of me.
So, 2 hours after we arrived, we went island hopping immediately. The lady at the front desk told us Tour A was the best and though we already had that package before, we decided to go for it again so my two aunts who are first timers could experience the all time favorite package.
Tour A would take you to Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Seven Commando Island, Secret Lagoon, some place where you can view nice (but we think they're dead) corals, some other place I forgot and another island I can't pronounce.
We had dinner at Sea Slug, had breakfast at the hotel then drove back to Puerto after the 8 am Sunday mass. There's still enough time for rest, but I seriously don't advice traveling at night.

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