Wednesday, April 16, 2014


It feels good to be back in the blog-sphere. A place I once loved, got addicted to, then left in the dark and cold streets. But now, here I am once again, ready to embrace all the things that come with blogging. 

Summer is already here and the heat is just killing me. Though it's the season of short shorts, bikinis, tank tops and all skin baring clothes, I'm here, wearing a t-shirt and skirt combo. It feels nice to wear a skirt out anyway. It's like wearing shorts: it feels breezy minus the skin revealing part.
And what's better than pairing a loose top to your skirt? Nothing I guess. Though my top isn't too loose or looks breezy, it is. I found it comfortable to walk around in this combination. 
It might not look like it, but my outfit beats the heat for me.

If you think my editing was way overboard in this set of photos, I'll tell you that the radiance and the lens flare are all from the camera. I didn't put those in the pic.
Yay me for experimenting on my camera for the first time! Though I wasn't too amused with all the lens flares since some were covering my face.

Fun Tee shirt, skirt, SM Accessories belt, Converse Shoes, Casio watch, Oro Time bracelet, PHCS Batch 2014 dog tags, Folded and Hung shades


Anonymous said...

enjoyed :) keep it up!

LiraPrincess Cadorna said...

Thank you! :)