Sunday, April 20, 2014


A month back, I celebrated my 16th birthday by throwing a pool party and invited a few of my closest friends in high school. I know that by looking at my attire, you couldn't really tell I was gonna jump in a pool. I was feeling kinda mainstream-y that day so I wore an Aztec printed blouse and tucked it under a skater skirt. Mainstream right? Then I completed the look with sandals so it'd be convenient for me even with all the water splashing here and there. 
Anyway, if you think I swam in this skirt, I didn't. I'm wearing swimming shorts under it.
I also wanted to wear a flower crown with this combination, but I thought it would be too much. So, here you go. My latest pool attire (yah yah. It's summer and I'm still not diving my heart out. Psh).

Forgive me for only having one picture. Blame all the excitement.

Bunny Jeans top, DIY skirt, Grendha sandals, Oro Time bracelet

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