Lira Princess Cadorna is a wide-eyed, petite girl who sees life as a fun filled adventure located in a blue and green paradise. Raised by a mother who makes it a point to look her best whenever she steps out of the house, backed by relatives who enjoy buying her pretty dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories, Lira developed her knack for carefully curated everyday-wear at a very early age.

She believes that everything and everyone can be anything they want to be as long as they believe and pursue their dreams. Like everyone else, she has her own dreams like excel in the field of art that she chose, graduate college with flying colors, own an RTW shop that sells clothes designed by her, become a fashion designer, and the list goes on. Her belief is that if she puts her heart into her craft, she will soon be the successful person she dreams to become. She hopes to become an inspiration to her readers as well. 

Enjoy her cadence and maybe, make your own! :)

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Oh LeenLee said...

Hello Lira! What happened to your other blog? :))

LiraPrincess Cadorna said...

I found it so hard to renovate, I just gave up. Haha :)