Friday, February 3, 2017


If you still don't know, it's about time that you do. I have a knack for fashion design as much (and probably more than) I have for the real life dress-up-in-store-bought-clothes game. I have always been designing clothes that we get custom-made for special occasions like formal events, awarding ceremonies, themed parties, and just about any instance I can get something made from fabric I personally chose. One time a got a designing spree moment when a friend celebrated her sweet 16th and each of the 16 girls who performed that night had to have a dress made. I was probably high for a week from all that designing. I never really had a chance to share my designs back then. But now I have the perfect avenue: my blog of course! So here are some of the pieces I designed that I still have with me.

This is the first of the five blog posts I’ll be sharing that features some of my fashion design works in the past. I did a half day photoshoot with some friends during the break and now I’m ready to share the outtakes with all of you!

This first one was the gown I worpe for my graduation ball almost 3 years ago (I’m still the same size). I didn’t want to go around a hall, dancing, eating and all in a huge, poofy gown, so I opted for a design that didn’t involve a petticoat. I also wanted to incorporate some print to stand out since printed gownas aren’t really that popular when it comes to prom or graduation ball. For the neckline and back detail, I wanted something that accentruates my collar bones, and a little party at the back. My basic design then evolved into a round neck with a v-back cropped top and a reversible skirt creating a two-piece gown.

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