Friday, June 10, 2016


Well hello again blogger world! Hello again readers! So I haven't blogged in 5 months because of school, as per ushe. But it was all worth it anyway so I just stocked up on OOTD photos throughout the semester to share with all of you all throughout my two months of summer bipolar weather with nothing to do. I really missed writing so expect a lot of blabitty blab in my future posts much like what I'm doing right now. 

Anyway, I know you've seen this before but since it's the first time I've tried it out, I really wanna share it with you all. I took my denim button down shirt and turned it into an off-shoulder top. It's pretty simple. For those of you who haven't tried it yet, just leave the top two buttons unbuttoned, pull the sleeves down your arm until the first buttoned button and hole (lol what) is tugging on each other in your desired height (in my case, until I'm sure it covers everything I want covered) and tie the bottom part of your shirt together cause it's gonna be hanging. Et voila! You now have a new way to wear you button down.

Slightly conservative female tip: if you're just like me and don't have enough guts to wear your off-shoulder button down blouse out (I swear I tried looking at myself in the mirror a hundred times while I paired this with a skirt or pants), layer it with a dress like I did, use a spaghetti strapped undershirt, wear a corset blouse, or wear a tube top underneath. 

Surplus button down, GTW dress, Zalora flats

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