Saturday, February 6, 2016


Yes, I know. Yes, I know, yes, I know, yes, I know. I wore the same hat on my previous post. But seriously, I've been looking for an un-overpriced hat for so long, I just want to wear it everywhere. 

Doesn't my skirt remind you of school girl skirts? Well, that's what I first thought of too when I saw this in my closet when I went home during Christmas break. Proud to say it's another one of my mom's DIY skirts. This is a total no brainer, but I put on this white blouse just because it reminds me of high school, and it's the first item in my closet that went perfectly well with the skirt. Put on some brown oxfords (no, not black shoes because, duh!) and a brown belt to match. Topped it all off again with my every trusty, but seriously bulky and I don't recommend for commuters or people whose destinations aren't at a walking distance, royal blue hat. This post is so much less bluer than the previous one, doncha think?

SM Accessories hat, Forever 21 belt, H&M oxfords

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