Saturday, October 3, 2015


Another one of my mom's work. It reminds me of a peacock. Very famous in island where I was born, although ironically, you wouldn't see any of them just crossing the road or flaunting their feathers in a farm. In fact, I've never seen a peacock outside a cage. It also reminds me of a kaleidoscope. I've never had one of those but I really enjoy look in them whenever I visit museums for kids. I can even make myself one right now.

We all know this looks an awful lot like a summer outfit, but it works well for  windy days too, to give your legs a breather from wearing pants all week (and, no. I don't wear pants all week. I never do). I just kept my whole look casual for the reason that I really want to give off a summer vibe. Also, I really needed a breather from all the school work we have to submit. 

Giordano top, Forever 21 belt, Parisian flats, Folded and Hung sunnies

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