Friday, October 9, 2015


Knight of the Round Table or A sociopath solving crimes?
I’ve always had a knack for books, movies, TV series, games, or just about anything that involves a mystery, some thriller, a case to solve, a spy or a detective. I’m pretty sure I’ve been watching CSI (and loving it) since I was in elementary. If I ever get my hands on a Nancy Drew book, I’d be done reading it by the end of the day. One of my favourite movies to date is Kingsman: The Secret Service. Plus, Sherlock Holmes has always been my favourite fictional character (right after Power Puff Girls). So when I saw this coat in the department store (they don’t sell knee length coats often), I knew I wanted it. First, it was a knee length coat. A KNEE LENGHT COAT. Nobody walks around in knee length coats but omygosh, it’s a knee length coat for crying out loud! As a girl who loves dressing up, this was a major score. Second, I swear there’s this subconscious urge to buy the coat because it pretty much resembles the coats detectives on TV wears. After 2 days of pondering, I finally bought it! No regrets. My look and props speak for themselves. But here’s the question: what am I? A detective, or a spy?

SM Woman coat, Forever 21 skirt, Parisian heels

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