Thursday, September 24, 2015


My outfit's color combination reminds me of vampire girls from teen movies or how I imagine a teen vampire would dress up in the books I've read before (Nope. Not the Twilight series, although I did read that a little before it became popular). Speaking of vampires, I'm almost practically a vampire. I am literally allergic to the heat of the sun; even though I'm not pale skinned, the load of things I have to do is almost flushing away all my color; and I drink blood (Lol just kidding. I gag at the sight of blood, even on screen).

Well anyway, I decided to wear my flowy black dress again even though its material screams "I'm gonna make you sweat all day". And it did. Covered up my arm with my maroon cardigan because I feel like the spaghetti straps are showing way too much. Then I put on a white belt to give the outfit a little hint of light. It also helped give me a better looking figure because it breaks the streak of darkness in half, at just the right place to get a curve. Finally, I chose to wear my kinda-boots-looking sandals to give the vampire look a proper ending.

Penshoppe dress, Forever 21 cardigan and shoes

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