Friday, August 21, 2015


First of all, my top isn't really silver. It's a mixture of very light blue and gray with a silk texture. But who cares, right?
I wore this for a day of running errands with mom. I highly suggest that you only wear tops like these if you a.) have a car b.) can afford to ride a taxi everywhere and c.) think the weather will be gloomy the whole day (just gloomy because you will not want rain with this top). In short, my top's fabric is sorta high maintenance, I've only worn the gold colored version of it here in Cebu once, and this one, never.
I paired my top with some pants just to KISS (Yes, it means either Keep It Simple, Stupid OR Keep It Super Simple. I'd rather we use the latter). By simple, I mean I don't have to worry about the wind blowing my skirt up while I trot at Baker's Hill. I tuned things up a little by adding on my chunky necklace in bold colors. It gives the ensemble some attitude. Topped things off with some fats and my favorite black and cream bag (so big it can fit a contortionist).   

Mom's DIY top, Forever 21 pants and belt, Wilson Leather bag, Parisian flats, from Kryz Uy's garage sale necklace

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