Thursday, November 6, 2014


Let's just pretend that my post title isn't late or whatever.
I wore this outfit last Friday (Oct 31) and I didn't really plan on being Halloween-ish that day. I just wanted to use this polka doted dress as a cover up. I only noticed that I was wearing something "in season" that week was when ate Kat (shout out to Kat Locsin!) commented on my outfit saying "Halloween themed ka ngayon ah".
I got tired of the usual way I wear this polka dot dress (which is basically I wear it as a simple dress) so I tried to use it as a cover up. I didn't think it would look good with pants since it's too long for that so I chose to wear a blouse and skirt combo underneath. I was afraid the dress would look like a bath robe if not styled right. I hope the collar saved me and I was able to pull it off #fingerscrossed.

Crissa dress, Atmosphere top, Privilege flats

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