Thursday, October 30, 2014


Inspired by one of Leighton Meester's ootds in the movie Monte Carlo.
Never did I ever think I'd come to school in a blazer for no reason. The weather is changing every hour, the temperature would rise and fall every minute and the world is just simply in a whirlwind of disasters waiting to happen. But like all the other days where in I get inspired by a certain celebrity or blogger, and I currently have the pieces I need in my closet, it doesn't matter. I'll wear what I want and rock it (I hope). I wore this blazer months back to make a Sunday dress look a lot more formal. Today I wore it in a way that a casual look seemed a bit up-scaled, but not too much for school. I opted to wear capri pants instead of the usual pair to make the look more playful, and finally, picked sneakers over flats for more of the young and free vibes.

Giordano top, SM Woman blazer, Lacoste shoes

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