Monday, October 13, 2014


Studying in UP and having no uniform or even a dress code (They say you can wear anything as long as you're completely comfortable with it) has it's pros and cons. 
Of course, for a fashion enthusiast like me, it's really a nice way to exert all my styling energy, 7 days a week. I can wear what I feel would look best on me slash what would be best worn for my classes though out the day. For example, on days that I'll only be sketching, listening and writing, I'd go for a dress or a skirts and style it how I want it to go. But on days that there's P.E. in the morning, I never bother dressing up. I just throw on what I can grab. 
Like all good things, there's a down side to it. On days when I have to drag myself to school, there's clearly no time to think (or no room in my head) about what I would want to wear. And since I live in two places here in Cebu, I have a hard time remembering what I brought to the boarding house and what I didn't bring. It can get really inconvenient when you run out of clothes (in my case , I sometimes forget that I don't have enough for two weeks and only transfer a few clothes) to mix and match, you'll have to resort to the ungodliest pairs ever. #bloggerincollegeproblems
But anyways, it's fun and it's all cool so no big-o.

Sun Kissed dress, Tomato flats, SM Accessories belt

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