Saturday, September 27, 2014


About a month back, I went to this fancy place called La Vie Parisienne which was only a 5 minute walk away from where I live here in Cebu. It's a very nice place to take a break and relax. They've got this small wine gallery where one group of friends could enjoy their bread and a sip of wine (or juice/ soda) of their choice. They've also got more tables at the back and an even fancier restaurant ( they have valet parking though the place is kinda small) at the left side of the small bread and wine shop. But to be honest, for a student, the place would be quite pricey (but the food is totally worth it) so it's better to save up first before visiting La Vie.

I specifically mentioned that I went about a month back because La Vie has a new architectural design now. A much more stunning (especially at night) design. It's so hard to explain how much it's changed so just drop by and check it out! (Not sponsored, really. Haha)

Photos by Diana Marie Zalsos

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