Monday, June 2, 2014


Gone were the days (I think) when color blocking was a trend. I'm not really the type who went with what was "In", though I admit that I do try things that are uso when you shove it in my face. I'll just wait until it comes to me. But if you leave me alone and let me go to what's "In", forget it. Lol. But that's really me.
I was already dying to wear this bold colored top I got from What A Girl Wants the day I had a much awaited interaction with Kryz Uy (excuse the fan girl speaking), I just had to wear it that day. I paired it with this pink pencil skirt just because I thought these bold colors would look amazing together. I don't usually wear pencil skirts, but this one is an exception. I totally loved how everything turned out!

What A Girl Wants top, Forever 21 skirt, Privilege flats, bag

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