Tuesday, May 6, 2014


More than a month back, our batch had the biggest night of our high school life *wink wink*. There's no prom at our school so we only really have one night in our entire high school life to get dressed in gowns and coats so there's no doubt that everybody took the opportunity to dress up as glamorous as they can get.

Of course, I wouldn't let myself wear a gown I didn't help design. I opted for a gown with a simple structure. I didn't really fancy the usual balloon type gowns so I looked for inspirations for elegant long dresses and the like. After that, my mom and I started our hunt for the perfect linen for the design. And, tada! These beautifully patterned things fell from heaven. lol kidding. It was indeed a long search, and surely, it paid off.

Zanea shoes, mom's gold accessories

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